Patch Notes November 8th

08 November 2019 (20:24) by Archlight Team


Otherworld Seal Quest Changes

   Now illusionists bosses will only spawn the wraith once

   Wraiths melee damage reduced by 25%

   Wraiths beam mechanic damage reduced by 25%

   Wraiths square mechanic has been removed.


Gods of Olympus Changes

   Bosses received threat meter

   Bosses rate of casting spells were reduced/slowed to be easier to dodge

   Damage from Stone Shower spell from Stone Hydras were reduced.

   Skinning mission on Stheno Island now sends a message when the player fails

   Fixed issue where summons were not taking damage to a bunch of spells

   Fixed issue where Euryale didn't create summons when trapped

   Fixed issue where you were able to enhance the noxious heart more than once.

   Fixed issue where the envenom spell were not increasing damage over each tick.

   Fixed issue where Stheno didn't move after teleporting.

   Fixed issue where a Stone Ogre's spell and Stheno's mechanic were paralyzing players when casted, not when hitting.


God Spells Changes


Fixed issue where you were not able to heal while the spell was active



Fixed issue where players were getting stuck when pressed against a wall

Fixed issue where you weren't able to use stairs if the spell were used near one



Now it'll follow the caster.



Formula has been readjusted, now it'll consider your main skill value instead of ML and the max HP percentage has been reduced.



Players who have bought hades outfit before the (last) fixing patch will now receive all addons upon logging in

After starting a task you'll be redirected to the availables tasks instead of active tasks (in the next client build patch this window will have a button to go back to the active window)

Fierce Dragon Hatchling corpse id changed

Event broadcasts are now being sent to the broadcast channel

It is now possible for party leaders to kick members with the command /kickparty name

Unable to wield fishing rods unless you have the required fishing level

When using a global potion, you are now presented with the option as to whether you want your name to be visible or be anonymous

Fixed the issue causing the recent crashes

Disabled the DPS category for Leaderboards

Bard's Soul Rune will from now on only be 50% effective in PvP (we will be reworking the logic on how buffs stack, but this will require a good deal of time testing to make sure it remains balanced)

Fixed an issue with Clone Jutsu (magic walls/wild growth will no longer get destroyed)

Nerfed the Awakening effect of Regeneration Hymm & Precision Slice by 50%

Members that have joined a guild recently will no longer be able to contribute XP-wise until they have been a member for 5 days. This is to prevent MC/Alt abuse.



Profession enhancements and buffs are now disabled during the fight and wont benefit players (as we want it to be a fully even fight on both sides).

Players in non-pz tiles won't be teleported to battlegrounds when they begin, and must be in PZ.

Weapon upgrades have been fixed.



Setup duration has been extended to 5 minutes (this will expedite however if both sides have their settings set or loaded - but it allows new arena players time to adequately do their settings).

The Arena base settings have been significantly lowered to reflect a more enjoyable pvp tier to make for better Arena matches. We plan to continue fine tuning this with time!

Tutorial has been added for arena. It can be accessed via '!arena help' or as a pop-up first time players join an area.

Patch Notes November 1st

01 November 2019 (21:18) by Archlight Team

Archlight Battlegrounds & Arenas

Battlegrounds and Arenas are now available to play.

Archlight Battlegrounds are a new that allows guilds to challenge eachother on a completely level playing field. Guild Leaders and Vice Leaders can simply pull up a UI window, input the opposing guilds name, and then fully configure the exact balance you want the battle to entail. Once you have fully customized the battle parameters, the invitation will be sent to the opposing guild, if/when they accept, a 15 minute countdown will start, at which time those guilds can enter the battleground and start preparing for battle.  

You can set anything from a wager (comes from the guild banks), equipment skills/resistances, gems, rune upgrades, respawn time... And more!

To save time if you dont have specific preferences for the battleground, you can simply use the presets available - Novice, Adept, Expert, Master - To have all the custom presets filled out based on roughly that stage of the game.

Currently there is 1 battleground map available, 2 more will be available in a near future patch.

We have also released a fully balanced 3v3 Arena System (with 3 different available maps) where players will be scaled based on a pre-set balance, this system will indeed have a ranking system and leaderboard ranks to show the highest skilled 3v3 players. Partner up with 2 friends, 2 randoms, and create a ranked Arena team.  

At the end of every week (Sunday midnight server time) the top 3 Arena Teams will receive a pair of Arena Wings based on their rank.

A unique reward system will also be added to Archlight 3v3 Arena's as well. Every season players will be able to join teams with 2 other players, in which they will compete on a Rated Arena system. The top rated teams will obtain exclusive Heirloom Mounts based on their rank. The higher rank, the more valuable exclusive they will obtain. Every season new exclusive mounts will be added as that seasons Heirloom from the Rated Arena.

We will also be planning weekly prizepooled tournaments in the future for Arena that everyone can partake in (again, all characters are balanced, so all that matters is the more skillful team/players). We will start planning these out once we feel the Arena system is fully polished and ready for a competitive league/tournaments. More on that to come later.


Forgotten Islands

Fixed/Restructured missions.

Lowered cooldowns across the board.

Easier to obtain items from objects that rely on RNG.

You are no longer able to deliver an infinite number of items to NPCs to boost your reputation.

Fixed a bug where the timer wasn't reset when you died doing the "burning mushrooms" quest from Forgotten Islands

Fixed a bug where the timer wasn't reset when you died doing the "burning mushrooms" quest from FI.



It's no longer possible to push players below depot.

Gold will be taken from your bank balance when purchasing a(n) Alchemy/Blacksmith/Tanning enhancement.


Bounty Boosts

Players that have yet to enter a greater/solo dungeon are unable to purchase extra charges.



The nodes found in the Jorus Quest are no longer the same as the ones you find in the Iceforged Quest, which means you can collect two extra nodes.



Forsaken/Demonforged pieces can now be polished.

Fishing net can be equipped in the ring slot. It has the ability to fish twice, yields +20 Fishing, and it has a 3% chance to break.

Pits of Archlight, Iceforged and Misty Mountains have all had Mentor/Mentee Tokens added for.



Plants will decay after 8 hours now.



Players needs to be awakening level 1 or higher to enter.

Monsters can push items now.


Quests Fixes

Blood Quest

Players that may have gotten stuck behind the mirror can now use it from the other side.


Iceforged/Cooking up a Storm

It should no longer be possible to prevent monsters from spawning by stepping on specific tiles.


Succubus Quest

Fixed an issue where roses could not be sacrificed.


Earth Rift

Two of the instances allowed magic wall/wild growth runes to be used.


Summons (belonging to monsters)

They will now teleport to their master if they get too far away.



Fixed improper offset for `Pumpkin Wings` and one of the `Cerberus` mounts.

Fixed an issue with the `Recharge Rune` function.

Hades Outfit now properly gives all the addons when added and its mount sprite got fixed. We will also make sure this is pushed to all existing Hades Outfits as well.


Misc Bugs

Accessory bonuses of the new outfits/mounts (such as hades, pokemons mounts and mentor token mounts) have been fixed.

Fixed a bug where the timer wasn't reset when you died doing the "burning mushrooms" quest from FI.


Pokemon Autochess

Some changes that weren't properly implemented in the previous Pokemon Autochess Patch Notes have been fixed and implemented

Mankey attack damage from 50 > 37

Paras sleep duration from 8 > 3

Fury Swipes (from mankey) description changed to show attack instead of attack speed.


01 October 2019 (02:15) by Archlight Team
We will be doing a Q&A Livestream 11:00am PT tomorrow on - Not only will I be available to answer any questions about the upcoming expansion, going through changes & also discussing some of the upcoming stuff that we're super excited about, but we will also be giving away $200 $400 in coin codes (20 x $20)!