NA Season 3 Launch

14 September 2019 (20:09) by Archlight Team
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Archlight North America Season 3 Will Launch October 4th at 10:00am PST
It will include the Massive New Gorgon Sisters Expansion (New Endgame Content), Class Balancing, Archlight Battlegrounds & Arenas. It's no surprise to anyone our community has grown extensively over this last year, from the NA Server being a huge success, and our latest EU Season nearly doubling the previous EU season, we have had to significantly grow our team in not only personnel, but the quality in our output and professionalism in deadlines over the last 2 months. 
We are very excited for everyone to see what we've put together and why this NA Season will break all past records like our most recent EU & NA Seasons have. Teasers will start being posted on the 21st following up to the launch of the New Season.

Patch Notes August 24th

24 August 2019 (17:08) by Archlight Team


Various bug fixes have been made towards PvP damage for mana-based vocations.
Fixed an issue where player summons kept quest doors open until they despawned.
The capture the flag event has been re-enabled.
Fixed One of the Cooking up a Storm instances that had a faulty teleport which teleported you to a less than ideal position.
Players whom are training at training dummies inside guildhalls will be evicted from the hall automatically when its owner changes during the weekly rotation.
Several fixes has been made to the Council of Marius quests.
Renamed coral city calamaryy to coral city calamary.
It is no longer possible to use magic wall/wild growth runes inside the Kavdros area.
Fixed an issue where soulbound furnitures became non-soulbound upon leaving/or selling a house.
Skinning tasks are now yielding bonus experience as initially intended.
Heaven and Hell artifacts are now scaling accordingly as they level up for gunslinger and tamer spells.
Elemental lords (such as static lord) will now teleport away and summon their illusionists if they are unable to walk back for several seconds.
Fixed several typos regarding feat descriptions (mainly percentages).
Added available keywords to Feat NPCs greet messages to ensure players know what to type once they have completed their respective quest lines.
You are now required to answer modal dialogs within 5 SQMs from where it initially appeared.
Fixed an issue where Kraken died too quickly with many spectators, and inflicted damage will be shown in white color (previously black).
Anniversary furnitures are no longer counting towards the same 3 stats limit as furnitures from the Council of Marius store.
Council of Marius Succubus curse will now be properly removed on player death inside the quest instance.
Energy regeneration will no longer get interrupted by deaths, kicks or relogins.

Misc Improvements
Heirloom Furnitures (i.e. baby rotworm, dog house) granting solo/greater dungeon charges will warn you when it's no longer usable for the day.
Fire fields in various monster spawns (i.e.hellflayers) are now replaceable by magic walls/wild growths.
The marketplace will ignore soulbound containers going forward.
Fixed an issue with the trade system regarding trades with identical items (i.e.archlight token`).
Added Council of Marius entries to the quest log.
Your summons will now contribute to your DPS score when attacking a DPS Dummy.
Spinning Blades will now inflict damage as the blades spins around the character instead of applying everything at once.
It is now possible to add multiple items at once to your loot list by adding a separator (**;**) after each item ID/or name (i.e. **2160;2152;18404**).

Client Improvements
Added several channel events (i.e. joined or left a channel).
Removed white spaces from the chat window.
Fixed a market issue where you couldn't purchase an item for archlight token due to not having enough gold.
Added an option to show all available outfits, mounts, wings and auras inside the outfit window (Only the ones you own will be shown by default).
Fixed a battle list issue where creatures didn't reappear after going out of range. 
Slightly decreased the duration of animated texts (Should be easier to see damage numbers).
Offers in the in-game store will now update accordingly upon a successful purchase to let you know whether you can purchase it again/or if you own it.
Fixed the auto login to character list functionality.
Saved account name and password will no longer reset upon receiving an error code.
The quest log will now display next to a mission's name whether it's is ready or still under cooldown.

Patch Notes

16 August 2019 (21:04) by Archlight Team

Council of Marius Bugfixes/Changes

Fixed CoM rewards to no longer give 4 vampire tokens each (this is already live)
Fixed Scourge Prince dissapearing after using the mechanic once
Fixed Fire Basins not dissapearing after pulling a lever
Added a teleport between all basins as a way to "take a step back" in case a player gets stuck
Fixed the crash issue caused by a few of CoM spells
Fixed an issue where ashen weapons were unuseable on forgemaster weapons
Fixed an issue where mining jagged stones required a normal pickaxe (requires any pick now)
Fixed an issue with Chemist Alyna selling the wrong items.
Fixed an issue where a player could not mine jagged stones that were in a certain position
Rebalanced the experience of most of CoM monsters.
When you completed a council of marius mission you received a message to talk to Blacksmith Philbert, changed to be Admiral Rowley.
Crypt Bride teleport will no longer teleport players into an inaccessible spot if stepped on.
Fixed an issue where the crypt bridge would not stay in her mortal form inside the mortal realm
Changed the Crypt Bride spawn logic (she will now spawn upon nearing her boss room)
Fixed woodcutting inside the succubbus quest
Fixed the way to side-step through the cursed gate inside the succubus quest

Power: Lowered down the power of 2 handed weapons (such as bows, staves, heavyweapons....) to match the power of 1 handers such as daggers and pistols.
Fixed an issue where the forest gems cooldown was not applying properly.
Fixed a typo for "Natures Grace" within the heaven artifact.
Vocation scroll now requires both weapons to be off before changing vocations.
Fixed an issue where the voodoo mini bosses gave big essence rewards.
Fixed a whole in the roof inside the LMS event